Women in STEM: Victoria Honour

20 June 2019

Victoria Honour is a PhD candidate in the Department of Earth Sciences, who studies?magma and emulsions. Emulsions are generally studied for making things like mayonnaise, ice cream, moisturiser or in the petroleum industry for petrol or diesel. But Victoria looks at them to see how molten rock (magma) solidifies when it’s trapped beneath the Earth’s surface. Here, she tells us about her research, camping in Greenland and volcanic eruptions.?

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Cambridge confers 2019 honorary degrees

19 June 2019

Flags were flown and the bells of Great St Mary’s, the University Church, rang out as the Chancellor’s procession approached the Senate-House today for the annual conferment of Honorary Doctorates, the highest accolade the University can bestow,?on recipients recognised for their outstanding contributions.

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Burial team in Guinea carry a victim of Ebola, 2015. UN Photo/Martine Perret

Half of Ebola outbreaks go undetected, study finds

14 June 2019

Half of Ebola outbreaks have gone undetected since the virus was discovered in 1976, scientists at the University of Cambridge estimate. The new findings come amid rising concern about Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and highlight the need for improved detection and rapid response to avoid future epidemics.

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